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Beautiful and artistic erotism

This manga is the best doujin I've read in a long time. The plot, the drawings, everything is top notch and the price is really cheap for it. A lot of effort was put into this work and it shows on every page!

Good cartoon

I like it.

Loved all of them

Love it. When i first ordered tho I thought there would be physical copys. Do you olan to release physical copies?

Hello and thank you!

Once I have 5 short horror manga's in total I will be making the ALL MANGA available as a physical copy. Manga number 4 is almost complete!

super cuteee

i really liked this sticker it was the size i expect it it to be, i really liked the design. it also looks exactly like the picture


the print is so pretty and really fast shipping and it looks EXACTLY like the image😳🙏

Thank you so much for the stickers!

Fantastic Material and Easy to Apply

Title says it all! I loved the stickers and will be ordering more!

So sick

I love it! Came with a funky “brand new plastic” smell that was gone within like 2 days.

Strong material and easy to put on. Loves it!

Second Case

Awesome! Love it


I love this sweatshirt!!!! When I first got this I was unsure about the size but when I put it on it was awesome. I love the design and the quality of it as well. I am definitely going to get more sweatshirts and shirts when I get the money for it.

MAKO is amazing!

loved all of these. cant wait for more.


Excited for it to arrive 🖤

Very good

Love the shirts, couldn't ask for better.

One to rock, one to stock

When you really love a piece, you purchase two. That's how I do!

Love it

Nice light weight sweatshirt with quality print. Love it!

Pretty good?

I gave it to my coworker and he hung it up on his office. It makes a nice touch to the theme. Plus this coworker is often called Wolverine so this purchase was a match made in Astroid M. I'm going to order more things soon

Whoa momma top tier doujin

Highly recommended if you like cosplay, humor and one helluva thirst experience. Even the juiciest of panels are pretty to look at. Absolute perfection

amazing sweater!

was v soft and the design was really cute love it and have worn almost every day :)

Sickest Sticker I’ve ever bought

I bought this sticker a while ago originally for my laptop but I decided to put it on my water bottle and was shocked to see how durable it was! Loved the sticker and it’s durability !❤️❤️


the prints are so stunning and the artist was such a delight to contact when things went wrong in the post !! so gorgeous, would love to order again !!

Love em

Feels and fits great. Def recommend it

i’m wearing my brothers hoodie and it’s this one i asked him where he got it from so i checked you out and i love your shit it’s so comfy.Your artwork is godly.

Great Shirt!

Got here at a good time considering current world events and it looks nice! Thank you for your beautiful art.

The Drip with Maximum Comfort

Hey, you absolute Kings, Queens, Both, Neither. I'm gonna let you know that this high quality 50% cotton, 50% polyester, 100% SEX APPEAL Sweatshirt is top-tier top-wear. You wont need to wear anything else again.

High school graduation? Covered.
First born child birthing from your significant other (or not)? Covered.
Dad's birthday? Covered.
Your grandson's birthday and you're the grandma sporting this sweet long sleeved top? Covered.

Impress your friends and family with one of the best art styles manufactured by God's hands (MAKO-VICE). With more to come, and plenty to choose from, you won't be praying by your bedside for the holy light to send you some Jesus level style wear anymore.

Once you dawn on the top, you become the main character. The fact that you haven't placed an order and have gotten this far into my review is disturbing. Doctors orders are to upgrade your closet with a high dose of "SMILE Unisex Sweatshirt" as soon as possible or run risk of contracting ABSOLUTE CRINGE that is irreversible. Medicare won't cover this one, but luckily the beautiful and highly attractive team at Mako Vice got you covered with a low and affordable price to accommodate.

Order now, and forever ascend into perfection. We got that quality water with that cubed crushed ice up here and I'm kinda lonely being the most powerful being ever to exist with this shirt on.


This shirt is honestly perfect! From design, texture and durability! I can't wait to show everyone this shirt and wear it all the time!



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