NUMBER: ★ 0823



1: Real Plush's first encounter was soon after it's discovery. A group of young boys had been exploring the charred remains of the burned home. Soon into their exploring they stumbled upon a large plush doll. The plushie resembled a young woman. The plushie was trapped under large wood paneling in what looked like the basement of the destroyed home. The boys began pulling the plushie out, but with light growing short the young boys set off to return the next day. The boys returned but to their confusion the plush had disappeared.

Real Plush had wandered into a school playground and placed itself on a seesaw. Due to Real Plush's size it's hard to distinguish it from an actual child at a distance. The schools bell had rang, sending all the children out to recess. a student at  Elementary school had seen a girl alone on the seesaw and joined her. The student jumped up to begin the seesaw. Then as the seesaw came down ascending Real Plush, The student got a good look at what was actually just a few feet away from her.

The student screamed causing all the playground noise to cease. Students and teachers alike turned their attention to Real Plush. A teacher not knowing the situation grabbed Real Plush and took it inside. Recess came to a close and all students were sent back to class. The students of the teacher that took Real Plush inside began to worry. Their teacher had not returned. One student attempted to go out and find her. Just as she reached to grab the door. The handle twisted and the door opened up. Drenched in blood and tangled in human remains.

Real Plush had come in wearing the students decapitated teachers head. All the students began to scream. Real Plush took a moment and looked down towards it's hands.

Real Plush with its own muffled screams darted out of the building.




  • Real Plush seems to only attack specific ages. ( This age range increases over time )
  • Real plush seems to have a very thin and soft exterior and a rigid and bone like interior body.
  • Real Plush attacks roughly once around the same time every year. ( June 15th - July 21st )
  • Real Plush has only ever been reported to decapitate its victims.



  • Do not interact with Real Plush.
  • Keep a minimum of 15ft away from Real Plush.
  • If you do make contact with Real Plush, always face toward her and step away quickly.



  • Real plush is a sentient humanoid plush figure, discovered in an abandoned burned down house. 
  • All residents of the burned down home Real Plush was found in had survived, this included a father, mother, and a young girl.
  • Officers further investigated the burned down house. Hundreds of human bone fragments had been discovered. Along with lab equipment, broken chains, and rusted tools.





On the fateful night of 17th July 20██, a young girl named ███████ found herself separated from her parents at a bustling pop-up carnival located at █████ ████████. Drawn to the allure of adventure, ███████ followed an inexplicable instinct and ventured towards a dilapidated tent nestled in the shadows of the festival’s periphery. Its fabric, once vibrant and inviting, now bore the scars of neglect and the ravages of time. Intrigued, she stepped into the dimly lit interior, only to witness an eerie sight.

Within the tent, a young child frolicked with innocent glee, drawing the girl closer. However, her unease heightened as she realized that this child was far from ordinary. Real Plush stood before her - a grotesque embodiment of innocence twisted into malevolence. Its seemingly harmless plush exterior concealed a nightmarish inner structure composed of bone-like rigidity. This unnatural fusion instilled a deep sense of revulsion and terror within the young girl. Freezing in place, the young girl met the gaze of Real Plush’s cold, lifeless eyes. It seemed to emanate an aura of pure malice, as if it relished the impending encounter.

With her heart pounding, ███████ mustered the courage to flee, racing back towards the flashing lights of the carnival. She desperately searched for her parents amidst the teeming crowd, her hope fading as panic gripped her. Terror etched itself on the young girl’s face as she weaved through the throngs of people. Frantically calling out for her parents, ███████‘s pleas for help went unheard, drowned in the swirling sea of revelry. The carnival, once a place of joy and laughter, had become a labyrinth of uncertainty and fear. The vibrant lights and jovial music mocked her plight, intensifying her isolation and hysteria.

In a final surge of determination, she caught a fleeting glimpse of familiar faces in the distance, unknowingly heading towards the same tent she had just escaped. Her heart wrenched as she watched them disappear into the darkness. She rushed after them - returning to the tent once more. Bracing herself, she then stepped inside.

There, before her, laid her parents’ lifeless bodies - their heads gruesomely absent. Real Plush, adorned in the grotesque remnants of her mother’s decapitated head, danced merrily around the macabre scene. In its hands, her father’s severed head served as a twisted prop in its sinister dance. The girl screamed. Real Plush froze, seemingly startled, dropped the bloody trinket in its hands, and ran out of the tent. It vanished into the night, leaving behind the shattered remnants of the girl’s once-innocent world.

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