NUMBER: ★1140
REPORTS: 19520



1: Victim Koji was on an errand run on the late night of January 3rd 19xx. Koji stopped at a local convenience store near a heavily wooded area. Once Koji entered the store he noticed there were no employees seated at the register. Not thinking much of it, Koji continued on and grabbed what he needed.

When approaching the counter for checkout, no employees had come to assist him. He then proceeded to leave exact change and exited the store in confusion. On his was to his vehicle he heard rustling coming from the wooded area. As he glanced at the dark void that the woods casted, He noticed 2 reflective eyes staring back at him. Koji stated "this moment felt like an eternity".

These eyes sat so far above the ground that this couldn't have been a normal animal. The eyes then dropped to meet Koji's exact eyeline, not blinking or adjusting focus even once. Stripe Kōmori emerged from the woods steadily moving closer to Koji. Stripe Kōmori comes within inches of Koji's face. Stripe Kōmori circles around Koji examining every inch of him. Koji stated that "It's as if she's never seen another human before". Stripe Kōmori while behind Koji seemingly disappears.




  • Kōmori observe from afar and are a stalking type NISE-NIN.
  • Kōmori spend their early life within the colony.
  • Kōmori's are mischievous beings and curious about life outside of the colony.
  • Kōmori tend to examine foreign objects and entities very closely.(approaching within a few inches of said object or entity.)
  • Flexibility, agility and flight.



  • Kōmori are not inherently aggressive but if you spot one, leave the area and call local authorities.
  • If a Kōmori catches you if their gaze, walk backwards until out of line of sight. (Sign of being stalked/attacked)
  • Hide all objects with patterns or bright colors. Kōmori have been known to steal such items.
  • Do not touch the ears!!



  • Kōmori are not completely blind. But poor eyesight is a common occurrence in the colony. This is why Kōmori have to examine objects and entities closely.
  • All Komori colonies adopt a trait to differentiate from other colonies. Such as stripe patterns or mint coloration.
  • There have been many reports of Kōmori roaming within cities, towns, and other non-colony areas.
  • Kōmori do not display the ability to speak or communicate vocally.







In the depths of the small town of ██████ in Shikoku, Japan, rumors of Kōmori, the elusive chimera-sentient, sent chills down the spines of its inhabitants. With bat-like features and an insatiable hunger for the unwary, she haunted the shadows of the night. Undeterred by the tales, Hiroshi ███, a curious soul, set out to uncover the truth.

Under the cloak of darkness, Hiroshi ventured into the dense forests. The generous amount of Eastern Barbastelle bats overhead hinted at the encroaching terror that lay ahead. Each step amplified the hushed stillness around him. Suddenly, a rustling disrupted the silence, sending his heart racing. With bated breath, he trained his camera on the source of the disturbance.

Through the veil of darkness, a figure emerged - an ethereal silhouette with unfurled wings and piercing eyes gleaming in the moonlight. Kōmori had revealed herself. Beauty intertwined with horror as she glided closer, descending from the treetops and casting eerie shadows. Time stood still as Hiroshi's trembling fingers captured her haunting presence, his camera clicking with each breathless moment.

Kōmori’s presence exuded an otherworldly aura, a chilling amalgamation of elegance and dread. Their eyes locked as she whished past, and Hiroshi felt a primal fear coursing through his veins. Kōmori's gaze revealed a ravenous void, an abyss of darkness that devoured all who crossed her path. In a swift gust of wind, she vanished, leaving Hiroshi paralyzed with terror.

Haunted by the encounter, Hiroshi withdrew from the world, forever marked by Kōmori's chilling presence. The legend of Kōmori spread through the town, a reminder of the nightmares lurking in the shadows. Her quenchless appetite continued, an eternal threat to those who dared to wander into the depths of the night, forever consumed by the darkness she embodied.



In the downtown area of ████████, vibrant with the pulse of daily life, an enigmatic presence stirred unease among the populace. Kōmori, the bat-like chimera-sentient, blended into the crowd, boba tea in hand. Curiosity and apprehension intertwined as locals caught glimpses of her haunting presence.

Under the glowing moon, Kōmori emerged, her wings tucked delicately against her back. Passersby cast curious glances her way, unaware of the extraordinary being in their midst. She moved with ethereal grace, bat-like ears peeking through her dark locks. Her piercing gaze held an ancient wisdom, scanning the faces that surrounded her.

As Kōmori wandered the downtown streets, an eerie shift in the atmosphere unfolded. Conversations dulled, gazes lingered. Fear mingled with fascination as an aura of the supernatural emanated from her. The townsfolk observed from a safe distance, whispering tales of disappearances and strange occurrences tied to her presence.

Time passed, and Kōmori concluded her leisurely stroll. Her essence dissipated like a whisper in the wind, but the memory of her lingered. The downtown area, forever touched by her spontaneous visit, became a nexus of curiosity and caution. Each sip of boba tea served as a reminder that mysteries lie just beyond our comprehension. The townsfolk carried on, captivated by Kōmori's presence, entwined by her alluring secrets.



In the heart of an industrial graveyard, Max, a lone wanderer, found himself drawn to the skeletal remains of a forgotten factory. Graffiti adorned the crumbling walls, marking the territory of a new Kōmori sister, known ominously as Punkomori. The air was heavy with the stench of smoke, reeking of charred memories. The distant echoes of Max's footsteps were swallowed by the oppressive silence. As he ventured deeper into the decaying structure, a flickering glow revealed a fiery-haired figure in tattered punk attire.

Punkomori's crimson gaze locked onto Max, and her smirk twisted with a chaotic delight. Unspoken words birthed a circle of fire around her, casting a warm, malevolent glow across her rebellious visage. Flames danced in her wake as she approached, leaving a trail of fiery footprints on the desolate factory floor. Max's heart raced, realizing he had stumbled upon a sinister force, a creature that reveled in the chaos of combustion.

As Punkomori drew nearer, Max could feel the searing heat emanating from her very being. Her sharp laughter echoed through the cavernous halls, a discordant symphony that resonated with the destructive energy she embodied. The punk aesthetic wasn't just for show; it was a manifestation of her incendiary nature. Sentient flames began to dance around Max, not consuming but caressing, a radiant ballet choreographed by Punkomori herself.

Punkomori leaned in, her red-hot eyes branding themselves into Max's soul. The air crackled with anticipation as he grappled with an unsettling dread. With a mischievous grin, she whispered incantations that singed into his consciousness, promising a life forever scorched by the flames of her chaotic influence. In an eruption of blinding fire, Punkomori vanished with the smoke, leaving Max amidst the smoldering ruins. The echoes of her laughter lingered, and Max couldn't shake the feeling that her words had ignited something irreversible within him.



On this ruinous, foggy evening, Choji drove into a labyrinthine forest in pursuit for his missing sister. The roads were treacherous & full of peril. They bend & curve like a serpent, every corner a thrilling encounter with Death. Whilst the headlights cleared the miasma around him, it did little to hold the downfall of rain. The trees stood idle, spectating the man’s feeble pursuit.

Sprawled on the passenger seat was a time-worn road map. The roads were reminiscent of an enraged hydra with many routes spreading in many directions. All of them dead ends. But which one is she at the end of? Accompanied by the pitter patter of rainfall and the mechanical dance of windscreen wipers, Choji kept his shattered mind on his sister, stranded in a car that betrayed her & in the company of the unknown.

The rainy mist begun to clear as the witching hour grew close. An impoverished Choji took respite in a car park of a defunct radio station. It has been long since its tower transmitted invisible waves but still stood tall with pride as the pinnacle of the forest. He parked next to another vehicle of no renown and relieved himself towards a wall of trees.

The sanctuary of solace was sullied by the wailings of near-by car horn. Choji zipped up frantically & hurried towards the screaming agony. Choji peered through the driver’s window. A hooded girl was behind the wheel frantically punching the airhorn, slamming the dashboard. The door was locked so Choji gained entry from the passenger’s side. When inquiring her well-being, he believed to recognize the girl upon closer inspection. “Sister?” he uttered in disbelief.

Her bizarre mannerisms came to a halt. She turned towards Choji & unveiled herself before him. His expression grew pale, his blood turning cold. This was not his sister but a regurgitation of her image. There were peculiar appendages protruding from her body: fluffy ears, bat-like wings. When he called for her again, her voice gave out miniature squeaks. Choji’s eyes glistened with fear & tried to escape…but the “woman” slammed the reverse pedal.

Choji’s head slammed into the seat, disorientating him. The “girl” then charged forward at full speed, towards the edge of nothing. He stood in awe of motions he could not control. The car broke through the railing & soared through into the night sky. A descension of gravity led to an aggressive tumble down the hillside. The car was in suspended animation, & the world outside was spiralling out of control. Choji awoke upside down, alone. His vision was impaired by shards of glass, puncturing his eyes. He howled helplessly, for hours, but only the owls replied. In time, he was spotted by hikers that called the authorities to heave him from his metal coffin. Sedated in a hospital bed, Choji called out to his sister in a murmuring mantra. He warned her of the bats. They’re dangerous…They’re dangerous….

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