Finding a style isn't as easy as you may think. Most artist don't want to hear this but It takes a fair amount of time and effort to attain a style. There isn't a straight shot to find one. For example my style has grown through experience, inspiration, and the tools I use. 


Find the tools you're comfortable using. This journey is about finding your voice and who you are as an artist and the tool you use is the first thing to find that voice. This doesn't mean you have to use only these forever, it makes it a little easier to function at your top performance if you are comfortable with what you are using first. I recommend finding something that you have had practice with in the past.


Take some time and scroll through social media and see who you follow and why you do. Think and try to understand what draws you to their style. It could be the line work, color, shading, anatomy, concepts, anything. Then compare them to others you follow. Once you do this enough, you'll notice a trend in who you're following. For me I really enjoy an images narrative and the story it tells without having to show you the entire scene.


Everyone, when starting to draw has some sort of style already. The fastest way to find your style is to draw as much as you can. This will help you technically and in turn allow you to work through the beginning of your style.


Understanding how you want someone to feel when looking at your work is a large part of knowing what you want your style to look like. If you want someone to feel a certain way about your work then you will be inclined to put more time into your work to push those feelings. In your head you will have an idea of how it should look, and you should strive to achieve that image. In my opinion no artist should actually achieve the final image in there head to 100% completion because this means you have no room to improve.

★V5 ( TIME )

Every artist has a different journey and this means different times to reach the end. Its usually a very long journey so you shouldn't give up or quit because you feel like you're getting no where. Each journey has its hardships and struggles so don't over stress about your own situation. You should also remember that you aren't alone. There are millions of other artist in the same position that you are in and millions more that have been in the same position as well. It takes time so enjoy the ride. The truth about finding a style is that it will eventually find you. When it does you'll realize that it was a gradual process and it didn't come out of nowhere.


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